Having a blast lately with older EA racing games for PS1/PS2 !


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Using PCSX2 and ePSXe emulators I been having a blast the last few nights playing some new to me and old favorites EA racing titles.

Been playing Nascar Rumble - Playstation & the sequel Rumble Racing - Playstation 2 and remembering what a blast it was playing these back in the day. Really just adrenaline rush racing with power ups like Mario Kart, the "NASCAR" licensing didn't really add anything to the point they dropped it in the PS2 follow up. Just spent a few hours playing both, forgot what a blast they are to play. 😛😎 Not the prettiest games and not often brought up even in retro gaming circles so thought I would mention and recommend them to anyone who may have over looked them. PICS FOR REFERENCE .
127459700_10159330460513109_1375693304318841408_n.jpg 127457323_10159330460878109_1952112803569104778_n.jpg

I played a couple hours of Road Rash 3D - PS1. Ah man, it all came back like it was just the other day, all the locations, getting my as handed to me the last minute before the finish line etc. Good times. 😆😎