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Ok, so not trying to be ungrateful or demean the hard work here but the front page for the retro zone seems to have only content for modern trailers, reviews and other modern stuff. It just doesn't do what it says on the tin. I hate to bring it up and love you guys but it feels all wrong to me. There's also nothing there for the forums, if you didn't click the small forum tab you wouldn't know it existed, it needs content on the main page so people see the forum chats and get sucked in.

Just my suggestions, i would love to see more activity here and feel the need to mention this stuff but only cos i care.

Latest Threads and Posts in sidebox has been added for the content we are always after people who think they are up to it
On the Tin

yes we are retro and all games and gamer's inclusive

Newest releases and Trailers we think is a great addition to inform the community

Puely retro, well, its 2019 now and we think a mix of modern and retro is best.
After all, its all about the games!

Other contents are always welcome from the community

We encourage content creators to post, or anyone that has other content relative to the forums

I could stream me playing Tempest 2000 for 45 minutes I suppose( over 700k yawn)

I find quite a bit of useful info Massamo post's, always on the cutting edge++
Our site dev. is one of the most hardcore Gamer's I've met to this very day.

Anyone wanting to submit, the page is in the forums.

Approval is needed for homepage, reason is we don't want meme's or other ridiculous stuff not relevant to those forums. (you know how that goes)
Try it, were easy:)

More retro, Gotcha! Great to hear from you Biggsy!!
Thanks Massamo, i see the threads/posts on the home page now. Hope it will pull in some peeps :)

Thats cool Pinky, great to hear from you too you crazy cat you :lol: