How do I unban my PS3 in 2019?


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Earlier this year I purchased a PS3 Slim to mod with CFW from GameStop, when I was setting up the PS3 I found out the console ID is banned. Due to health issues and having to have surgery I wasn't able to return it, I did however get it modded with the latest method at the time (April or May I think). I never fooled with trying to unban it until now but I can't seem to find an up to date tutorial that works with the latest stuff, and I've completely forgotten everything regarding PS3 modding.

It appears to be using Rebug and Cobra 8.01

What software do I need to use to swap the CID and how do I install it?, thanks.
Contacting $ony's Helpdesk may sort this issue, as long as it is not CFW/HEN/Rebug'ed and using real firmware. As you purchased the console, as is and your IP will be completely different.
If it's modded then I ain't got a clue