How is everyone?


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Hey! What's everyone up to?


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Doing OK, Just trying to stay occupied, making the best of the situation. Hope your doing the same.
Stay safe Bro!


I'm doing good! Been keeping myself busy with work around the house. And working on playing some games games that I've been meaning to get to for years.

And I'm definitely loving working from home!


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Been good. Still working so I can pay my bills. To keep myself entertained, I have made a huge amount of progress into my backlog of games.


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I may be pretty well or I can say really happy.

Spring has come and I have started the motorcycle season. Summer is coming soon. I love my beautiful wife very much. I could complain about many things, but I decided to leave to be grateful. On the coming Mother’s Day, I thought to go on a motorcycle to meet my mother. It will be about 300 kilometers to drive in one day. Sports should have more time in the near future.

For the rainy days, I get an old laptop and installed Windows XP on it to play old games on it. Thru the family life, hobbies, and responsibilities there is so much time for play vgames. I wish that could transfer some games to the floppies to try some games on my C64.


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Doing great here. I work seasonal and just started working again. Can't wait for layoff in 6 months lol. I love it, not working in the winter. I live in a tourist village on the east coast of Georgian Bay Ontario, Canada.