I wrote the Emulators and Homebrew YOU played on the Original Xbox


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I'm relatively new modded OG Xbox so found this fascinating. A little history of Xbox modding and emulators.

Se7enSins said:
modern vintage gamer always uploads some great videos very detailed stuff.

He is cool. Also check out ETA Prime. He does some really cool retro videos on Modern Hardware.
Even as a kid, I had access to a lot of his emulators thanks to my dad being a bit of a know-how of the modding scene at the time, ha.
Wishful thinking but it would be really cool to see the likes of him around here on RZ.
awesome video .
i like how he talks about how he had to learn on his own and went on to even help people at microsoft .
i remember back when they first got killer instinct to run decently on the emulator for xbox .
Also that green dev kit xbox is flipping AWESOME .i want one.