Let's get this rolling.


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Jebbreh is my Steam and across the board on other's like Origin, Ubisoft. I'd have to get the specific number for the Blizzard one, I rarely use Blizz anymore.
Steam catch2030
Origin catchernorthern
Uplay catch2030
Blizzard catch2030#1339 (Only have Diablo III)
GOG Galaxy catch_2030 (Witcher 3 is why the exists lol)
Xbox catch2030
Nintendo (dont have a damn clue lol)
Steam ID: MDNA
I got a couple of online games, we might even play a good ol' match of Team Fortress 2 together! ~
Necroposting on this thread

Like I said a couple of months ago : I keep Steam on my comp, not touching the Xbox app

[refer to my sign lol]

feel free to add me, I play a lot of different games, and there's Halo Reach coming up. Plus maybe we can make a Steam group for Retro Zone
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