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Hey all,

I have been married two days ago (26th January) with my lovely woman. We dated about 1,5 years before getting married. She propose me. A quite surprise.

I'm a happiest man in the whole university ATM (and for the rest of my life) and My wife is the most prettiest woman in the world.

I'm moving along with her during February along with my cat. My life will be totally changed after that. I was wondering about that; Can I keep my C64 connected to our TV or not. I can say for sure that the aswer is NO NEVER EVER...


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Excellent! Go forth now and live your new life of happiness



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Congratulations on your marriage. Just remember to compromise and agree to share. The c64 is a small thing, but she should not ban you from ever hooking it up.


I want to congratulate you! I almost gave you negative rep for a factually inaccurate statement, because my wife is the prettiest in the whole world. Other than that I hope you two have a wonderful life together!


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Thanks for all the wishes.

I'm totally surprised; I can keep my C64 connected to our secondary TV in our bedroom all the time.


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Living along with my wife and her son, two cats and a dog is kind of "circus" .

I saw an PS3 lying on a closet with an bunch of games with no use. My wife's son has also PS4 (he is 20 years old). I was talking about him about how great C64 and after that he thinks that I'm a some sort of freak. I don't understand the youth. I think that C64 is the only technology that ain't distressing.

I'm so happy that I can keep my C64 plugged in our secondary TV. I do not even ask to plug it on our primary TV in our living room...


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Strange things was happen in our home;

I was playing Donkey Kong and my wife saw that and said "I know that, it's Donkey Kong. I have played it. My brother has it" . I was quite surprised about that. I ask "wanna give a try" ? No. Few days went ahead and I ask again "do you wanna play something with me on C64? She agreed (but she didn't still know what the C64 is) . Real fact is this; she didn't see any difference between modern PC or C64. Just a norman woman...

We play Donkey Kong and Pac-Man together but she get enough very soon and there is probably no second time.


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Wow, if you don't visit the site, often, you miss the really good stuff!
But, but,but,.....I,m here now......5/11/2020
What a deal cats,dog,C64,wife,son,secondary tv,bedroom, ........I have none of these...oops, I do have a C64,C128,C128D that work well, but are stored away, for lack of space at my little home in the mountains.
I looking for a .............
THANKS :dodgy: