Members you want to see return to the new RZ


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All of them.

Is Mr.Pink still around? HyenaOnDrugs?

There was a guy who lived in PA, he was working at Walmart at the time. I cant remember his name. I bought a GT 730 from him.

Damn, i am getting old as I cant remember shit anymore.
Mr. Pink was in here. Do not know is he still.


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I know amiga1200 is still kicking, talk to him quite often as a matter of fact, Curbs on discord still and a few more
Anyone who ain't already, join the RZ discord


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Its been a bit since ive been around TiZ stuff but i found this site and i wanted to see about joining the gang again

just joined again today
hello everybody!

Reality Strikes

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I remember the name of the guy now. Catch was his name. Had numbers after it but I can not remember those. Is he still around? I purchased a few GPUs from him including a GT 730.

Damn, do I really miss TIZ. That site helped me get through a lot when my depression was bad and all I did was work and come home and play games. Learned how to mod stuff and got to chat with a lot of cool people.


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Catch2030 was username on TIZ, he is member of retro zone as well,and he is on retrozone discord to, so you can contact him if you wish by PM/discord DM, same username.