More booting AtariOS on other hardware fun and experiments


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FYI I was unsure of the proper thread for this (if any) so feel free to MOVE where appropriate or remove if not wanted here, no problem.

It has been shown the AtariOS (the OS / INTERFACE INCLUDED with the crowd funded AtariVCS that has recently been trickling out to backers) can be booted on other pc hardware, images and videos have been shown it booting on laptops and desktops with various degrees of success, meaning issues with networking, sound etc, sound is sometimes fixed plugging in a USB audio device etc. 😜😎more surprises, while the AtariOS USB stick I created worked on my desktop and a up laptop to various degrees it didn’t work on my old bedroom desktop, due to no no uefi boot options. I also imaged this Sata drive, plugged into 2011 MacBook Pro and held down option key when booting, displayed a drive called efi and it booted, Bluetooth even seems to be working though I have no Bluetooth controller, no network though I am sure it would be fine if I plugged in Ethernet. Figured would not hurt to try 😆Nice use for the old recycle bin find MacBook! I had yet to see this done on Apple hardware so thought I would share.

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I guess we could say that it's Linux based OS since it works well even on Apple's computers. That's my guess though, so I can be wrong too.