My favorite Sega 32X games


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It is the 1st of the month and I have a new video out.

My favorite Sega 32X games.


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Sorry for the bump, felt like inputting some more on the subject.

Surprised you didn't mention Doom, the 32X version was probably the most convenient way to play the game back then if you didn't want to spend bucketloads on a PC (and it was also conveniently cheaper for those folk who already had a Mega Drive, which made it the no-brainer choice really between it or the Jaguar port). John Carmack also apparently enjoyed working with the CPU, because it was one of the first times he got to work with a dual-CPU configuration in a game-related environment. While Doom 32X isn't well optimised it still uses both CPUs to handle different parts of the game logic so yeah :)

I also really love Virtua Racing Deluxe, which has its own charm separating itself from the arcade version and subsequent ports of the game. It also seems to mark the start of Sega racing games having inappropriately upbeat music in their Game Over screens :D the physics and graphics have held up really well for an early 3D racer on a home console, IMO.

Virtua Fighter was developed by AM2 themselves and came out way better than the Saturn port as a result.

Kolibri managed to do some really nice stuff with the CPU-based PWM audio, and the concept is interesting, as to be expected of Novotrade.

IIRC also Mortal Kombat 3 got a really good port to the 32X and there's also a ROM Hack that improves on some things that were missed in the original port :)

It's just a shame SEGA decided to do a SEGA really, I own a 32X too and it's a neat little machine, while it has some of the same techical failings the Jaguar did in terms of bandwidth/memory transfer slowness issues, and a lack of proper hardware acceleration for 3D, even the 'first generation' of stuff that came out for it was actually rather competent in a lot of ways. (That, and the Mega-CD was ridiculously unsupported by SoJ and supported in all the wrong ways by SoA... strangely, the 32X had more SoJ development/publishing on it in six months than the MCD did in like three years.)

Since your review there's been extensive development in the 32X homebrew scene, mainly thanks to Chilly Willy, his 32X devkit and Doom 32X Resurrection igniting a bunch of interest. x') OpenLara, the 240p test suite (using the full 32768 colour range of the 32X VDP) and a MOD tracker player (using the CPU-based PWM) are all things now lol and I hope there is more to come.