Need Help Arcade game.


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EA7D6E14-852B-4C1C-B91E-E9A2BB739056.jpegAFAE2399-80CA-44AC-83A5-D48C1964DF6D.jpeg326D877A-D64E-471D-B1D0-7A4916EA5196.jpegHello all I have and old peeps from the Isozone. I have been gone along time. I come for help on a arcade game I am working on it has issues with the monitor Wells Gardner K4900. The game I got is a Gauntlet Machine with TMNT in it. I am going to convert it back to a Gauntlet cab will go with my Gauntlet 2 cab that I restored. But for now since gauntlet boards are high priced only one is on ebay and the guy wants over $600 for it I am keeping TMNT in it. I have replaced the caps and flyback in the monitor but I cant get the colors to converge on the lower right hand side and there is a white line that goes up the right side. My next guess would be use a degaussing ring on it that I have to purchas was wondering befor I buy the degaussing ring what others may think.