Problem with Solaris 1.0.4.


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So there is this game called Solaris 1.0.4. that does run, except not in my modern operating system. Sometimes i got lucky and alt+tab out of the game fixed the issue. Under WinXP it works fine
I could get it to work barely by creating a shortcut and forcing windowed mode by putting -w in there but this makes it really small.

The issue: when the game starts, everything is black. Main menu lags but otherwise it is fine.


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Right, this is a old game, you prob ain't got a chance in hell running it on 10.
One option you could do is to use a Virtual Operating system of say XP.
I know it worked on 7 as I own it. you have to disable UAC for the program exe to work

option 2
Install Linux and use Wine lol


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Massamo said:
i will have a look at the game later see what i can come up with in a debugger

there is a "debug" mode for the game if you create a shortcut and add -d in the target area
there are a few of these switches like -v which asks for some video mode and -g which i guess does software rendering(??) but its almost completely unplayable