Project ZX-Arcade USB Is ALIVE !

Price is £95 + £10 Postage (USA/Canada) UK Postage Will Be Cheaper. This will be Tracked Post. Orders from other countries, contact me!

These Are Made To Order And Are NOT Mass Produced

The USB is Full to brim with Roms and resources for Arcade 0.230+, If you followed my "Working ROMS Only Builds"
you will understand this project as the project's goal (Project ZX-Arcade). It contains a Full set of working games only (ROMS/CHD/Laserdisks)
All runs from a USB2 Windows Device, including 32 and 64bit support from Emulators
The resources are all sorted and there is no junk included! Future Updates will get direct support from me.

(Please state if you require USB2 or USB3 device, as most 32bit systems will not support USB3)
The USB Device itself will be a "Sandisk Cruzer 256gig" Flash stick

If you have ever tried sorting MAME/Arcade, you'll know it's not an easy task, and downloading thing's get annoying when you can't find the
right version of the files that you need, or just the bizarre extra files no one tells you about...
THIS USB IS FOR YOU! Even if the above don't apply to you, it's been made as simple as I could make it. Nearly foolproof !
....And if you do break something, I can tell you how to fix it !

If you are interested, or would like to hear/see more, please join my Discord Server Here :



Emulator(s) NOT Included! Due To How Copyright Laws Work, Supplying The USB With An Emulator Included Would Break All The Laws Governed. So None Shall Be Shipped With The USB Device...
However... A Link To Where You Can Download It From Will Be Included!
The Choice Is Then Yours To Combine.
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On a sidenote, this project has taken me many years to achieve, and the base rom set used is 0.230
Updates will be available, however you will need to copy the USB to HDD as there will be no extra room for new files !
Latest versions have included a ton of new CHD's which ramped up the size.
I spent a year and a half, solid, working on this. Pinky witnessed it lol.
It will be updated when version 235 is released, in about 3 months from now.
I was thinking about using a 512gig USB stick, but prices are insane at moment,
and I wouldn't buy unbranded for something like this project.

Seriously though, If you looked at MAME/Arcade and have tried to set it up, download all the files, redownload new version of a download, figured out frontend, hate it, realize you can get other frontends, swear, etcetera.....Then you get to config...

Well with this USB, it's all self contained on the stick, all configured. Preconfigured for 2x XBOX controllers.
Could not set up 3 and 4 player due to not owning anymore 360 wired gamepads.
However, Arcade should detect them if plugged in BEFORE LOADING EMULATOR...!

Then you have the Artwork folder... Boy of boy, 2,800+ Games now have Bezels... I created a set of generic bezels just to be place holders for if I find the correct artwork for games, if it exists, which bulks out the experience. I will be creating more of these, trying to make a FULLY "Bezelled" experience, and keeping an eye out for more for the collection. These resources will be in the update packs if created. Not Vital

You do not have to do nothing* to play any of the games supplied. I did it all for you, other than add emulator exe
* Some controllers you will need to mess with some settings to get correct sensitivity to analogue controls.
- This is why you use my Discord for any issues and I can fix/talk you through what to do.

Also comes with an outdated cheat file for games. I wanted to get a more updated file than this, but it works.
Some games may crash if using cheats, this down to incompatibility with the cheat file itself, as it's out dated.

If a new one becomes available I will post link on my Discord/The File itself

All sold so far, arrived and customers were/are happy with results.

Want more info , join my Disco :) Including pics.


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