Sayonara Flash Player and Hello Flashpoint


Well this is it. At 12:10 am, the Flash player stopped working on my laptop which means it has now been officially dead. It had been around since I was a kid and I am so sad to see it go and I am sad for the future generations who won't be able to play any of the awesome games that we had played during our childhood.

In comes Flashpoint which is still around to keep the Flash memories alive. I hope that the project will live long enough for the future generations to see it.

Sayonara Flash Player. You will be missed :(


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What if I told you that...I still have Flash Player installed in my PC? Guess I am still in the danger :ROFLMAO:


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I have an older version of adobe Flash player 10.3 that does not need to be installed

Simply associate file types .swf to the player in its location, and boom.

Still has working features of making projectors ( turning .swf into self contained .exe's)
-a feature adobe killed long ago

Been using this for a very long time, I'll post it up for whomever today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Its abandonware right :)


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Anybody looking for Flash? Here's a way to use it again. Heres the link---->( RUFFLE ) It has a nightly build also browser extensions.
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