Something to say about this pestilence


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a mess, a real mess here
Italy here, south (fortunately for now ?)

never seen anything like this in my life
washing hands and standard hints are cookies compared to the real thing, at least here

from three days now, around 450 deaths per day, 90% on the north
dont know the real reasons why this corona shit is so aggressive here, compared to the rest of the world

-60 million people in a little boot shaped country?
-poor health system, unable to contain the menace?
probably, and probably not

i have doubts also in the real numbers spreaded from other countries, ie China and Iran
a sad primacy we have from today, in numbers of deaths

its NOT like a common flu, i have lost a friend (60 years old) in 4 days
4 days before he contacted me to inform me he got the virus
rare case, i know, yet...
90% of cases are old people, ok, but this cannot be an alibi

i'm not scared, i want only share my point of view


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I have couple friends from game i play that also live in Italy , i talk with them every day, i know how you feel .
We are in lock down as well, most public places closed , 90 persons infected in Republica Srpska part of Bosnia, no fatalities yet.
And , yea, if i was conspircy teory suporter, i wuld say this is atempt to "solve" overpopulation problem , and at same time, to get rid of all elder persons, lots of money to save if they are dead instead to pay them every month...
Stay safe buddy.


The China numbers are lies. And I'm somewhat into the conspiracy that the virus was intentionally released into the public just because it makes too much sense for what the elites think about us normal people. But the most likely scenario is human error in the Chinese research lab, followed up with incompetence on the initial containment. Then a very intentional spread of it out of China so that everyone suffers equally, instead of tanking just the Chinese economy.

I hope everyone stays safe! Wash your hands and stay away from crowds. I'm going to use this as a great time to clear out some of my games from my backlog. I played through a couple of uncharted games and now I'm playing some Earth Defense Force on Vita.


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I hope that everything gets better soon. It's been really bad for all of us.
Everybody try to stay safe!
Prayers sent!


Im sorry to hear that I hope yo take care my friend this seems like an apocalyptic situation but this will soon go away I hope you and your family Are well here in Venezuela where I live everyone is using masks its unbelievable I dont wear mask cause a think this whole thing is getting out of proportion (media) but I fear to get infected I do believe this is serious but my dad keep telling me this is fake news I don't believe him I even had a confrontation against him for saying that but we both agreed this got serioud and dangerous and we should all wear masks. Keep it safe bro.


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Here is some raw data people ,clear of all media histeria,so you can draw conclusions your self :

It is curius to see that some countries like ,US, UK, Austria , Netherlands, Switzerland, Swenden, Norway, Portugal, Denmark , Canada , San Marino , Luxembourg ,Turkey , etc , known for have high standard of living or health care , have very low % of recovered patients, in most cases number of death and number of recovered is 50% , or much ,much more deaths that receverd ones, while some contries like China, Hong Kong , South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand , Taiwan, ,Diamond Princess ,Chile, Iceland ,Bahrain , Singapure, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Kuwait , Palestime, Oman( last 6 countries have 100% recovered,no fatalities), have 90% or more recovered/decised ration.
What makes them better in fighting this Corona?
Is it fact that they have less influence of modern civilization, like absence of 5G technology , so their imune system is in good shape?
Or they dint recive infamous Swime Flue vaccine ( H1N1 flu virus ) 2009/2010 ?

Read few articles abaut Swine fly if you dont know what i mean and i leave it to you to draw conclusions your self :,8599,1932366,00.html

Last page in my languige, you can translate page ( or you can click on words in blue like "Washington Examiner" which link to similar articles in other languiges ), is abaut study of Corona in Italy that shows only 0.8% of people have died directly from Corona virus, all others have already have some serius health problems :


It is sad that a lot of people have and will die, but the fact that we have to stay inside for a couple of weeks until it's until control it makes me happy. My workplace will close for three weeks tomorrow and I will finally be able to play some of my games to my heart's content. I am having the time of my life, sorry for all the deaths.


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Here in Finland the situation is something like this; infected is something about 2300 infected and 28 has died.

The worst isn't yet here. The top will be here in after one or two weeks.

I do not scare about corona but I'll be careful. Our family is on a risk 'cause my wife is working on a hospital. It so strange to live on a capital and streets in here is quite empty. A lots of people stays at their home or went into nature.