Tech Troubleshooting Fail


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I feel so stupid right now. I wanted to watch a movie on my usualy very reliable HD-DVD Player and guess what: My A/V Reviever just decided to not recognize the HDMI Signal.

First thing I did was reach behind it and switch cables around in an attempt to rule out an bad HDMI Port on the Reciever. I switched cables around a lot. Nothing helped.

Then I grabbed a HDMI cable from a different device that was picked up by the Reciever with no issues, plugged it into the HD-DVD Player aaaaaand, it didn't work.

Next I grabbed a spare HDMI cable and hooked up the HD-DVD Player directly to the TV and that worked just fine. My growing fear of the HD-DVD Player failing was put aside. Since I now had a HDMI cable that is working for sure with the Player I plugged that into the Reviever and it didn't work.

I now focused my attention on the Reciever. I tried shuffling around wich HDMI Port is assigned to what button because I thought that just maybe the Software on the Reciever could have an issue there. Again, nothing fixed it.

I now had to step up my game a bit and I decided to Factory Reset my Reciever, wich results in some grade A Pain-in-the-Ass because I now have the joy of assigning all the Video and Audio Inputs together again, setup the speaker volume Levels again, Rename what it Displays when I press a button again, setup the Wifi on it again and worst of all the Factory Reset didn't even help.

Next Logical Step was to do what most people probably do before trying to fix stuff was to search for the Problem Online and see if someone had a similar issue before and was able to fix it. While searching for this I read the Troubleshooting Guide from Onkyo for the first time ever and read that my Reciever has a Micro PC inside that controls all In- and Outputs. And in Rare occasions this Micro PC can hang itself up in a way that it randomly doesn't like certain Resolution and Refresh Rate Combinations. To fix the issue you simply have to unplug the Power for a few seconds.

And that did Help. I now have 2 Hours of Troubleshooting and dialing in my Settings behind me to have the same solution working that I always tell my Mom to try to do when her TV doesn't want Recieve TV Programs.

Did anyone of you guys ever had a similar experience where you tried a bunch of things to have the simplest, most obvious and easiest solution to work in the end?


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Nope , i am lazy bastard , i alwais go for simplest solution first.
Trouble is,if that dont work, i usualy give up (because giving up is also simplest solution lol).


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Evils of Fault Finding.

You reckon you had it tough, imagine 6,000 lines of 68000 Machine code and you altered one variable setting you can't remember....
Atari ST Dayz.....

I spent over 4 hours line by line scanning my code, just to find out it was a simple memory location that screwed everything up. 5th line down.



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@"Sabkahn" dont know why, but after your tale now i have in mind Michael Douglas in 'Falling Down' movie lol

but, i can confirm those crappy situations happens to me too


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(01-12-2019, 07:20 AM)SasaPinjic Wrote:Nope , i am lazy bastard , i alwais go for simplest solution first.
Trouble is,if that dont work, i usualy give up (because giving up is also simplest solution lol).
We have that in common LOL.


Happens to all of us at least once in a lifetime, just sleep it off, take a time to think and always look at the bright side, never give up, is not easy Ik but it could be worst.

HandySolo said:

We have that in common LOL.
I'll join the club :lol:


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You are just like me, i never give up until i fix something or find what the problem is, always was like that.


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I bought a new motherboard, but did not use it write away (95 days ) later, I tried it, it did not work, warranty was over, so I screwed that dam thing to the wall. Then a person came into my shop, and their computer had the same motherboard, I found the problem and fixed it for them. As soon as they left, I removed mine from the wall, installed it, and used the same fix, IT WORKED .........pain-in-the-ass-dumb-luck !!


I thought a brand new DVD was badly pressed because I couldn't play it on my computer, immediately after playing an old dollar store DVD that was a cheap VHS transfer just fine. I put a screwdriver through the disc out of irritation after trying multiple players, and double checking the region coding for the drive. The issue is the OS not liking DVD movies, but remaining on an old OS was unfeasible due to legacy browser lockouts on websites.

Solution: Don't pay for movies.