The Eye of Typhoon Menu Problem and Player 2 Keyboard Config


Hi guys. I really need some help and advice.

I am using the DOSBox emulator version 0.74 and I am trying to play the game called Geuk Cho Ho Kwon/The Eye of Typhoon. Everything went well and I was able to learn myself as to how to map the DOS keyboard but then suddenly, this menu screen is probably broken or cannot be changed because not a single button works other than the Enter key which takes me straight to the character selection screen and the ironic thing is that I was able to use my selected keys with no problem at all afterwards. It is that menu screen which is leaving me baffled.

So can anyone tell me or give me advice as to how can I fix this menu problem? Also, can anyone tell me how I can play 2 players on the same keyboard or is there anyway I can config Player 2 keys on my keyboard? Any advice would be highly appreciated.