tips for cleaning my xbox


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ok so i have a version 1.6 xbox that i modded years ago. what i want to do is take it apart and clean off the old thermal paste and apply new paste, will be using MX-4 having never done this before can someone recommend me a decent guide that will show me how to do this also if possible link me to the proper tools ill need for the screws and such


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You'll need to google the torx screwdrivers you need. T20 for the outer shell screws (x6) and a T10 for the inner screws.

As for the paste you should check out plenty of youtube guides before attempting :)


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The thermal paste on the GPU glues the heatsink to it. don't yank on it too hard or you may kill it. heat it up before removal either by powering the Xbox on and letting it sit till its warm. or using a heat gun of some sort.

As for any tips, iv always used arctic silver 5 and would use the "Spread method" but that's just me.thermal paste application has been de-bunked a lot over the years on big youtube channels. its hard to really screw it up