Viruses and how to avoid them


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Are there people here who know if it is possible to check the file before downloading it? On some site or some program? I just want to install a minecraft mod from this site Project Superhuman Mod 1.7.10 – SuperHeroes, Marvel, but I'm afraid to download a virus or miner along with the mod, I don't want to reinstall Windows and lose the files I need, who has any thoughts about this?
Files here are provided by trusted long time members them self, and are not affected with anything.
That been said, even in highly unlikly case there is a virus in some of the files, any free antivirus program you can find and install on ,right now, will be adequate protection, it will auto detect and quarantine file, not alowing you to use it,before it can do any harm.
Avast, AVG,Avira for example will sufice,they are all free,or you can buy some better ones like Kasperski, or, if you are handy, you can find cracked versions of better ones.