Wagwarn everybody


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Alright! Not popped on here for yonks. Just checking in.
Any old TiZ members still about?

I hope you're all doing good



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LOL Welcome to the NONE TiZ site!
It's a different ballgame here mate :smile:

GTSY you both


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I'm an old TiZ member... My user name has changed over the years cause I use to get banned all the time. Sometimes it took a long time, other times I just changed my user name...

BUT I WAS NOT THE FUCKIN LUNATIC WHO I forget his name, that wasn't me... who caused major shit.

All I did was got too drunk and said stupid stuff ... remember me?
I was the original kurb, before curbside joined. Then I was I forget .. I eventually used kaduflyer

oh yeah I remember you humanfly138


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Good to see you pop in. There's still a few of us about here but i really miss some of the guys. Cat, SC and many others.


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Hello Humanfly ,

I remember you well. Nice to see you in non-TiZ site. V is dead but JD is alive.

I hope that you enjoy with us. Welcome


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