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Personally for me it would just be good scrap, maybe I'm wrong but it isn't really worth repairing.

They are at there cheapest now, certainly in the UK where I am. You havn't said which model it is so I presume it's a 360 PHAT, get another the same but a Jasper, the last PHATs or even a Falcon which are OK too and start over with your old HDD, ccontroller etc.

Another tip would be to be aware of which DVD drive your RROD unit has as this could be used in the future, you can tell which brand with a guide online, most have a visible wire viewable through a hole which tells you what it is before you try and open it.


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thanks for the info. my xbox is a usa launch xbox. i bought preordered it and got it on launch and probably played it maybe 100hours. i was too busy at the time to get good use out of it besides rocky and fusion frenzy with some friends. it is in mint condition besides the rrod and ive heard over the years that the condition that causes the rrod can be fixed by paste and clock changes of some sort. thats why i think it is worth repair as it shouldnt really be damaged much and one of the simpler repairs from what ive heard about the causes of rrod

if they are cheap and i can find one with custom cfw on it then id be interested in just buying one instead of repairing mine then figuring out how to throw custom cfw on it.


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If you're talking about the original Xbox try changing the thermal paste, it might have dried up.

On the 360 if you get 2 red lights its definitely paste related, the fans will rev up really loud then the Xbox shuts off to prevent overheating. Where as with the full red ring it will remain on until you turn it off.

Even if it was fucked dont throw it out, everything can be fixed or you can use it for parts, even the fuses, caps, etc


Another issue with the original Xbox is the models that had clock capacitors that like to burst. Opening the system up and checking for any obvious damage is the first step.


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I'm with SC, i think this ones a 360 request as it RROD and i think Fusion Frenzy was a 360 thing.

In which case i would say a re-ball is what is actually needed and that's just not cost effective and some say even that's not a permanent fix on this crappy consoles. I have heard of people managing temporary fixes on 360s (see youtube for all kinds of whacky goings on) but they dont last. I could of course be wrong as i haven't looked into it much but thats my two cents checked in.