Handheld pc console


anyone know which one is the best one from lenovo legion go - asus rog ally - OneXPlayer 2 Pro ? or there are better alternatives ? thank you
From what I've seen on YouTube reviews the legion is better than the rog ally. But I have no personal experience with any of them.
is even better the one x player 2 pro ? even myself i've read conflicting opinions so no sure which one was better
no idea what one is the best but i have rog ally its pretty good machine
do all games , modern ones and all emulators working fine whitout slowdowns - crashes , seeing the price of the asus one compared to others could be worth purchase it , others costs much more
it has windows on it works just like any laptop would it play any game you throw at it but is a spec limit to how well they will work

i did test switch emulator on it