I never had an original GAMEBOY back in the day.


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Amazingly, I never had an original GAMEBOY back in the day. Honestly, one time I came REALLY close, like I went into this small shop near me and even asked to look at one, I knew the popularity of them and of course I had loved my NES. Maybe I was still too impressionable back then but the sales clerk, a young fella but older than me was so anti-GAMEBOY lol, and was like naw man, don't waste your money, it's for little kid this system. Not that I was considering or could afford any alternative at the time but I never reconsidered. Who knows, maybe it was a mistake. No doubt I'd of had plenty of fun with one. Of course years later, getting into retro gaming, revisiting my childhood I see it differently. Never DID get an OG Gameboy, my first was actually a Gameboy Advance SP and over the years from collecting I did happen to obtain THIS little beauty, a GAMEBOY POCKET given to me actually, only have a couple of carts for it though......

I still not have GB or GBA, but i dont think i miss much, since emulating them on PS2 alowes me huge advantages of playing games with PS2 controler and on large CTR screen ,and most games plays in full speed.
As it turns out this video I just uploaded is relevant to my thread here 😁

Package from friend, fellow Canadian and Youtuber MN12BIRD😎

Very nice haul,i have Kingston Flash drive as well, 2.0 of 16GB, it is of good quality ,it serves me for over 6 years, i play PS2/PS1/SNES/SEGA MASTER/GBA/GB games on it on my PS2 trough Ulauch/opl/varius emulators.