AMIGA / C64 Scene DEMOS always bring me nostalgic joys.


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I've Had AMIGA Forever and C64 Forever by CLOANTO emulation packages on my main desktop for some time, had it and still do on the previous desktop as well, now relegated to the bedroom. So I really didn't need them also on the Asus Tuf 15' laptop....but last night I thought eh why not and installed it on that as well 🧐sometimes, I just like loading an Amiga or C64 DEMO even if it's just to let play in the background while I do other things 🤷‍♂️AND YES I have been dabbling with emulation since running a C64 emulator on my AMIGA back in the day but the CLOANTO packages are just so easy and convenient to load up. (SHOWN AMIGA DEMO playing on main desktop tonight)

Screenshot 2024-05-31 013618.jpg