Guys, I need your help :O

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Oct 24, 2018
Hello, guys, I'm a guy who was anounced that I'm going to make the biggest catalog with all Windows game titles included old ones from game forum, even created for foundation etc.. But for now I really need your help about moving from FREE account to PREMIUM where you have option to use unlimited uploads but a problem is cause I have limit to putting more folders in that server.. So, If maybe someone will give me little help in any way, We will have finished this project more early than it's excepting..

Shortly, i was trying to put all DEVs in some fajl server but they were send me a message: "you reach a limit of folders, if you like to post more.. You need to upgrade account"

If anyone have any other solution to fix this problem, it will be my pleasure to work together on this project

I really hope that we were getting to top of that and enjoy in mixed game titles.. ;))
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