Looking for Repair Guides? You'll like this thread...


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I was looking for a simple guide to replacing a PSP2000 slim LCD Screen I have managed to break and stumbled upon this website...


The guides are bloody excellent, I just scanned through a few sub cats on their site and am quite amazed on the simplicity these people have gone down to, to make the "Noobie" Electrician/Bodger feel "Safe"...

I always advise to get some sort of base Qualification in Electronics BEFORE you start messing will delicate components and don't end up discharging capacitors down your arm...! In UK a "NVQ Level I to III Electronics" course can be completed within a year if you pull your finger out !

Don't know what a capacitor is? STEP AWAY FROM THE HARDWARE !

However, this is stepping away from the point I was trying to make, the site is quite awesome, especially for the things you didn't think you would be ale to fix simply. The "Spares" are a little pricey but it's a UK site (and we are all in s*it alley at moment money wise)

But the free guides rock!

Respect to the site

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That's a good find. I'll maybe utilise that site at some point... however, the first three console repair guides I clicked on there (GameGear, GBC and GBA, as they're the only three systems I'm currently thinking of repairing or modding) all have zero repair guides listed.
It's still a good resource for users to sign up and add their own "how to fix.." guides.
Sites like this are quite rare and require support from userbases, especially if what they are telling you is true. Got a 100%/method/guide, submit it to them and us :) Simple

Gotta support smaller sites