new PC aquisitions


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So i happened upon this PC at DI, and took it home for 8 dollars. it did not power up, but i managed to find another one almost exactly like it,and i took it home for 10 dollars. I ended up doing a full swap of the motherboard, and also the power supply. I believe the power supply was non working, but it also may have been the motherboard, and with no way to tell, i swapped the motherboard just in case as well. The computer is an HP XG 833, but i have swapped it's motherboard with one from an XG 838. I decided, that i like the case from the one that was non working, as it looked almost like new, and the other case was a little worse for wear. I added 64 gigs of SDRAM, which came with the computer i used for parts, and it is now has 128 MB of ram. It has windows Millennium installed which i have never used until now! I am planning on turning it into a vintage gaming rig, and also have a 256 MB PCI video card on the way to give it a leg up. I also want to put emulators on the machine. Does anyone happen to have an HP XG 833 or 838 manual. I would just like to look at Technical specs, and other things if it is possible to find the manual. Another fine acquisition, is a like new Compaq Presario 1200, and the computer has at least 128 MB of ram in it, and has windows 2000 installed. The laptop was my first acquisition, and i wanted it for light gaming, nostalgic reasons, but when i saw the HP for parts, i knew i wanted it, and i would fix it up sometime. I did not expect to find an almost exact model of HP to use for parts, but i am pleased that i have, as i know the laptop would not play games as well as a full fledged desktop would, especially of that era.