what is your fav amiga game?


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my fav ever amiga game was sensible soccer in the sense its the game i had most enjoyment from, my friends and i had a league and we would meet at each others houses on a sunday and play a few rounds of matches for a plastic league trophy at end of the season.

Shadow of the Beast II
...the bloody pinball game I can't remember the name of...!

I was a Atari ST User so didn't play much on Amiga due to not really liking the A500 design of external MOBO killer modulator and foot warmer, but SotB 2 was awesome. Flood they need to remake (Bullfrog)
Beneath a Steel Sky, most of Psygnosis shooters, almost anything by Team17 (particularly the Alien Breed games), Syndicate, Chaos Engine, Cannon Fodder, Simon the Sorcerer, D/Generation... also a lot of PD stuff (check out Extreme Violence - it's still fun now).
these old titles mentioned bringing back memories of the good days, strider was a fav i forgot about
No Favorite here really

Played Air Taxi with a few guy's on AmigaLive one night, had a blast!
Multiplayer games on that platform are def. fun:)
There will be a500 Mini. Release date is beginning of 2022. Good selection of games on it but why joypad instead of joystick? a500 mini has a support for AGA-chipset too. I want a real HW but I might say that this new mini is interesting.