Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

RIP Gauntlet: Dark Legacy 2023-08-08

Game.....: Gauntlet Dark Legacy PAL *Multilanguage DvD RiP*
Origin...: EURO / PAL - Files......: gen-xgdl.001-022
Released.: 18.08.2002 - Format.....: Nero *.ISO
Platform.: X-BOX - Files......: 22 * 20 MBSupplier.: GeNiuS

- Ripped.....: see notes
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___|---==°°°Release Notes°°°==---------------------------------------|___
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Gauntlet Dark Legacy PAL Multi3 DvD-RiP. Languages are english,
german and frech, to fit it to a CD we had to rip the movies and
the french voics are relinked to the english ones, evrything
else is untouched, enjoy!

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___|---==°°°Game Info°°°==-------------------------------------------|___
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Gauntlet Dark Legacy is the all-new iteration in the 3D
"hacknslash" time-honored arcade classic Gauntlet franchise.
The revolutionary Gauntlet game design allows players to work
as a team as they venture through eight dangerous worlds. One
to four players can select one of eight different characters.
Using force of arms and exotic magical powers, players vanquish
creatures, search for treasure, evade traps, and embark on
quests. Special character-based power attacks, magic potions,
stunning new power-ups and combination moves add to the well
schooled mayhem. The game save system allows players to transfer
evolving characters from their own machine to a friends to take
on the dungeon together.
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