Lotus Challenge

RIP Lotus Challenge 2023-08-08

Lotus Challenge - REAL PROPER/WORKING - (c) Xicat Interactive

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Console System..: Microsoft XBox - Country..........: PAL/MULTI
Game Type.......: Racing/Sports - Languages........: Multi
Backup Format...: ISO-Image - Size.............: 17 x 2o MB
Release Date....: 25.o3.2oo3 - Ripped...........: See Notes!
Orginal.........: DVD (Thx Riot!) - Filenames........: lfc-lotp.xxx

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Lotus Challenge isn't about simply driving fast - to be part of Team
Lotus you need to have style, penache and skill as well. The game has
a strong story which sees you performing a number of astounding driving
feats, ranging from jumping through trains on the set of a Hollywood
blockbuster, to chauffering a pregnant woman to the hospital before
she delivers!

Lotus Challenge contains environments realistically re-created from
real world locations. From the dusky streets of London to the neon-lit
highways of Tokyo, the tracks in Lotus will put you to the ultimate
test. Get insider information on the best way to tackle these courses,
from the official Lotus test drivers themselves, in our exclusive tracks

* A full compliment of cars licensed from one of England's most
prestigious manufacturers.
* Over 37 cars ranging from classic, vintage roadsters to high-tech
concept cars designed by Lotus Engineers exclusively for the game.
* Over 15 race tracks, ranging from highly detailed real-world city
locations to exhilarating custom circuits and speedways.
* A realistic yet accessible driving model, tested and endorsed by
the Lotus test drivers themselves.
* An impact dynamics system allowing all cars to sustain full chassis
damage - shattering windows and lights, bumps, dents, ruptures,
scratches and even detachable wheels!
* A revolutionary new control method that provides higher fidelity
driving control without extra peripherals.
* Story mode, requiring the player to perform a variety of stunts,
missions and challenges - weaving through oncoming traffic to escape
the paparazzi, hill-climbs on treacherous, snowy alpine tracks,
being filmed jumping lines of school busses for adverts and many

Rip Notes:
Only the intro and italian & spanish language had to go, rest is

Note for the nukers:
There are allready two DVDRIPs from this game out :
Lotus_Challenge_PAL_CDRIP_XBOX-USA > freezes!
Lotus_Challenge_XBOX_Pal_PROPER_DVDRIP-hYdRoGeN > doesn´t fit on a
700MB CD-RW! :(

The USA releases freezes, which was allready mentioned in the Hydrogen
release, while their rip don´t fit on a normal 700MB CD-RW!

So, if you still got no DVD-R(W) here is a real working rip, which also
fits on a CD-RW! ;) Have fun ...
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