ISO D.N.A. 2023-04-01

D.N.A. is a color-combination game. The gamefield is a microscope plate with proteins, cells and viruses floating. The objective is to combine proteins of different colors to create cells. Proteins have primary colors (blue, red and yellow). Therefore, cells created are orange, green and purple.

Clicking on a protein selects it and shows a circle around it with their range. Hovering the cursor over proteins inside the range shows the possible matching chains. Clicking one of these different colored proteins starts a chain reaction that transforms all chain proteins in a cell.

In action mode, the objective is to fill cell quotas within a time limit. In puzzle mode, the goal is to clear the screen of all proteins. Endless mode is similar to action mode, but with no time limits and no story.

Viruses infect cells and removes them from the game. They can be eliminated by including those infected cells in the cell synthesis.
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