Patriots: A Nation Under Fire

ISO Patriots: A Nation Under Fire 2023-06-24

Patriots: A Nation Under Fire is a FPS which takes place in modern day United States during a terrorist attack in which many major cities are nuked and the rest of the country is in total chaos. You must take up arms and defend the country using your team of National Guardsmen to stop the terrorists from overthrowing the government. You'll have to battle your way though city streets and rural areas, with tasks from rescuing hostages to ultimately destroy a nuclear warhead. You'll be given a range of modern weapons from M-16's & Sniper Rifles to M-60's & Grenades. Ammunition is in fairly short supply. You can hide behind abandoned vehicles, but have no view control while in this position.

Patriots has 9 singleplayer missions, but multiplayer support is not included. It is built on a modified version of 4D Rulers' AMP game engine - the AI is much more advanced than their previous games using AMP, making it a much more difficult game.

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