Underrated Game Volume 3

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Well it is August first and I have a new video out. We are continuing the Underrated game series with video number 3. This time it is all about the NES.
What are some of your favorite Underrated NES games?

Project ZX-Arcade USB Is ALIVE !

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Price is £95 + £10 Postage (USA/Canada) UK Postage Will Be Cheaper. This will be Tracked Post. Orders from other countries, contact me!

These Are Made To Order And Are NOT Mass Produced

The USB is Full to brim with Roms and resources for Arcade 0.230+, If you followed my "Working ROMS Only Builds"
you will understand this project as the project's goal (Project ZX-Arcade). It contains a Full set of working games only (ROMS/CHD/Laserdisks)
All runs from a USB2 Windows Device, including 32 and 64bit support from Emulators
The resources are all sorted and there is no junk included! Future Updates will get direct support from me.

(Please state if you require USB2 or USB3 device, as most 32bit systems will not support USB3)
The USB Device itself will be a "Sandisk Cruzer 256gig" Flash stick

If you have ever tried sorting MAME/Arcade, you'll know it's not an easy task, and downloading thing's get annoying when you can't find...

Shadowrun Trilogy GOG Giveaway

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Get a free copy of Shadowrun Trilogy right now on


My Favorite Spinoff Games

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Sometimes the best characters are not in the limelight. Sometimes the they are standing next to the hero. Join me in exploring what I consider some of the best spinoff games in my collection.


Controller collection part 2

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So I have a collection of systems and with that I have a collection of controllers. Maybe I have an addiction to controllers.... Who knows.

My 3DO collection

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I have a 3DO.... and I have what I consider a lot of games for it. Thankfully I did not pay much for the collection. In the early 2000's I gave a guy $25 for all of these games and a system, Light gun and 2 or 3 controllers.


RetroTink 5X-Pro Review

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So I got one and here is my unfair Review.

Hardware Guide for the Original Xbox

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Hey Guys it is the 15th and you know what that means...
That is right a new video!
This time we are taking a look at the OG Xbox Hardware.

Games that let you play beyond the main story.

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Hey guys it is the first of the month, and I have a new video out.

The history of the ninja warriors arcade documentary

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