My Controller Collection Part 9

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So I have a collection of systems and with that I have a collection of controllers. Maybe I have an addiction to controllers.... Who knows.

Underrated Games Volume 9

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Every game has passion behind it and deserves some attention. Some games get overshadowed, under promoted, or just plain come out at the worst possible time. These games deserve a second look.


The history of Karnov documentary

Sega Dreamcast Hardware Guide

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Collecting for the Sega Dreamcast can be a difficult start. Lets take the fear out of that.

The history of Dragon's laIR II time warp documentary

My Favorite Games for the Microsoft Xbox

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I really enjoyed the release of the Original Microsoft Xbox. These are my favorite games for the system.

The history of Robocop 2 arcade console documentary

The history of power drift arcade console documentary

My Current Phillips CD-I Collection

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So I have a nice little Phillips CD-I collection. I remember seeing this system in the stores and thinking CD's were the future of gaming.

The Infinite Game score for Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories

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Welcome to the infinite Game score review of Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories. Here we do not simply limit things on a scale of 1 to 10. Here the sky it the limit for a game score. The better the game, the higher the score.


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